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HUP Competition Cycling

High quality bikes, components & clothes for cyclists who race cyclo-cross, XC, gravel, road & triathlon.

“HUP!” (Dutch word for “Go!”) is the shout of Flemish fans during Spring Classics and Belgian Cyclocross. HUP™ Competition Cycling was born in Belgium, now based in Scotland, producing UCI approved race bikes & wheelsets, alongside specialist components & clothing - for racers who want the best - HUP! HUP! HUP!

Bikes can be custom-built using our range of rider-sized components for the ultimate experience: correct bike fit and genuinely low weights. 'Light enough to win, yet still affordable' is our mantra.

Born in Belgium | Designed in Scotland | Ridden Worldwide 

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HUPcc British Cyclocross National Championships

UCI approved framesets & wheelsets

After extensive laboratory tests and scrutiny by the UCI, Switzerland the new HUP evo (arriving January 2024) and the HUP CD35/TD35 & HUP CD50/TD50 are now UCI approved for Cyclo-cross, Road & Gravel racing competition worldwide.

Aside from being some of the lightest UCI approved Aluminium frames & carbon wheels available, they also come at industry leading prices.

Light enough to win, yet still affordable...