HUP air24: lightweight dirt jump bike

The HUP air24 is a lightweight dirt jump, pumptrack and skate park bike on 24" wheels, available in 2 frame sizes and 3 colours with customisable options. A genuinley lightweight flying machine of a bike for riders age approx 6+

  • Dirt Jump Geo: low standover, super short stays and 100mm Pro forks
  • Full Size Wheels: 507mm 24" wheels running up to 2.4" tyres
  • Lightweight: strong Aluminium 6061 frame - with builds as light as 8.6kg
  • Custom Components: choose crank lengths, hydraulic brakes and CNC cockpit components

Lightweight (we believe easily the lightest 24" DJ on the market, not that many exist!) and highly capable, the low standover gives riders the space to move in the air. Big wheels for it's rider's size, kids-specific geometry and correct fitting components create an agile, responsive and seriously fun bike. The squad loved testing the HUP air24.

Achieving a genuinely low weight was a serious aim of the HUP air24 project, as kids need it to be low - their upper body strength will always struggle to manoeuvre a heavy bike (a common problem with 12kg+ BMX bikes).

Correct fit is also important to remain agile, another common problem seen with manufacturers using 26" DJ frames, but running 24" wheels - the long chainstays and long wheelbase severly compromising the handling.

With 2 frame sizes (Short or Long) covering riders from approx 125cm up to 155cm on incredibly playful 24" wheels, the HUP air24 frame is decicated to using only 24" wheels, as it should be. The low maintenance design features full length outer cabling plus the latest standards such as 2.4" tyre clearance and tapered head tube to ensure future compatibility.

Choose from Purple, Grey or White - frame only, self-build bundle (with/without wheels) or custom-built bike. Every detail has been addressed to make the HUP air24 the most capable kids dirt jumper, without breaking the bank.

Don't take our word for it, here are the freely available published weights;

  • HUP air24 = 8.9kg
  • Vpace Danny24 = approx 10kg
  • Commencal Absolut24 = 10kg

    …and yes, we have the right size cranks for our riders, so no need to be changing anything, you can do your customising when you order! The game just moved-on for little riders...CLICK HERE

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