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HUP Race Cape

HUP Race Cape

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The HUP Race Cape is the perfect clear shell cycling jacket to keep the wind and rain out whilst on the bike. Using waterproof material, with breathable sections in the arm pits and upper back to regulate temperature and moisture.

Social ride or race, it's great to be able to display your Team jersey colours through this transparent cape. If you need to fix a race number to your back, now there is no need to pierce and damage a waterproof jacket, as your number remains visible!

Full reflective zipper and reflective strip on the upper back for lower light levels on rainy days.

Young cyclists and Triathletes are keen to show the team colours when competing, but when the need arises to wear a jacket, team identity disappears. Most clubs don’t supply jackets due to high costs, so the clear HUP Race Cape is a great solution.

Key Features

  • Full reflective zipper
  • Showerproof jacket (waterproof material + breathable sections)
  • Raglan long sleeve
  • Rear reflective strip
  • Armpit air opening (mesh fabric)
  • Rear air opening with rain cover flap (mesh fabric)
  • Your Cycling Club Team Jersey and/or race number is still visible!
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