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Triathlon Collection

HUP Gold Triathlon Bundle

HUP Gold Triathlon Bundle

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Our top-level Gold Triathlon Bundle puts together our high-performance Trisuit in a choice of colours, with our child-specific race number belt, elastic lock-laces, flip-flops, microfibre transition towel, swim cap, water bottle and drawstring kit bag and the fantastic HUP warm-up jacket!

  • 1x HUP trisuit (choice of 6 sizes, 3 colours)
  • 1x HUP warm-up jacket
  • 1x HUP child-specific race number belt  (plain blue, yellow or orange, not black as pictured)
  • 1x HUP elastic lock-laces
  • 1x HUP flip-flops
  • 1x HUP microfibre transition towel
  • 1x HUP swim cap
  • 1x HUP water bottle
  • 1x HUP drawstring kit bag
  • £155 RRP down to £145

Swim cap colour will match your Trisuit colour choice, unless you request otherwise. Flip-flops come in Size XS (trisuit size 1), Size S (trisuit size 2 & 3), Size M (trisuit size 4 & 5) and Size L (trisuit size 6) unless you request otherwise. Warm-up jackets come in 70cm (trisuit size 1 and 2), 80cm (trisuit size 3 and 4) and 90cm (trisuit size 5 and 6) unless you request otherwise.

If you want to mix sizes, just let us know in the ‘Note to HUPcc’ during Checkout
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