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HUP Trisuit

HUP Trisuit

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Stylish, high-performance HUP Trisuit for children's Triathlon and Duathlon (TriStart & TriStar1, 2, 3+) for very small Triathletes to teenagers and small adults, in a range of 6 sizes and 3 colours, designed with serious swimmers and Triathletes in mind;

  • Efficient, low-drag 'high-neck' design
  • Rear zip for reduced water resistance
  • Smooth longitudinal flat-lock stitching
  • No rear pocket to minimise drag in the water
  • Unhindered arms/shoulders for the swim/run
  • 6 sizes: small 7yrs old to 14+ to get the fit right
  • Bright design for easy identification in the water
  • Choice of 3 colours to match running shoes/bike
  • Super-light fleece pad, that won't hinder the run
  • 'Double-Dye' front+rear panels for teenage privacy
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