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HUP Kids Warm-Up Tights with full length zip

HUP Kids Warm-Up Tights with full length zip

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HUP Kids Warm-Up Tights with full length zip! Finally, these crucial Winter cycling garments are now available in children's sizes for rider approx 5yrs old and up.

So important to keep their core temperature up with the Warm-Up Tights with full length side zips for easy 'on and off' without needing to stretch over shoes or removing shoes. Great for use on Road, MTB or Cyclocross races, with a tight fit for comfort. You will see plenty removed on the startline and thrown at parents! 

Full length side zip for easy taking-off after warm-up without removing shoes, these are very useful for up to 9 months of the year in the UK. Also great for pre-and post Cross Country running races or early/late season Duathlons/Triathlons.

On colder days, they can also be worn during the cycling race (over their bib shorts or bib tights) with their tight fit and no pad...

Key features;
  • Full length side zips on both legs for easy taking off after warm-up, without removing shoes.
  • Elasticated waist and ankle.
  • Fleece lined for great comfort.
  • Excellent Wicking effect for stay dry warmth.
  • No pad, so the option to leave on during the ride/run

    Size 1: Inside Leg 54cm
    Size 2: Inside Leg 59cm
    Size 3: Inside Leg 62cm
    Size 4: Inside Leg 65cm
    Size 5: Inside Leg 68cm
    Size 6: Inside Leg 75cm

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