HUP straatrace: racing roads on discs

The orginal rim brake HUP straatrace was a firm favourite with road racers, but the updated disc brake HUP straatrace has just pushed the limits even further...

Now with Flat Mount disc brakes (hydraulic or mechanical options), dropped seat stays for increased rear compliance, lighter rear triangle tubing to reduce weight, clearances for up to 30c tyres (even swap to off-road tyres for grass course Triathlon) and now available in 8 sizes for riders from 125cm+ up to around 6ft 1" tall - with a choice of Racing Red, Belgium Blue or Cool Grey colours.

With a lightweight triple-butted 7005 frame and full carbon fork, the #HUPstraatrace uses the latest internal cable technology with easy fitting for novice mechanics thanks to a downtube 'letterbox'. When built with HUP cranks, riders benefit from the correct length/q-factor to match the high cadence of criterium road races.

It's not just great for Road racing, it's also perfect for youth Triathlon - as the wide clearances have been designed to take a cyclocross tyre! Whilst it's not designed for the mud of a CX race, it's perfect for using knobbly hybrid tyres for proper grip on grass courses (slick road tyres on wet grass are so risky). Simply change back to a slick road tyre for Triathlons/Duathlons running on tarmac - we've designed this bike to excel on any Triathlon course.

HUP straatrace frames start with the tiny 37cm (for riders as small as 125cm tall) all the way up to 58cm for riders 6ft+ The smaller HUP framesets have been specifically developed for children's long leg/short torso physiology with short top-tubes (just 47.9cm long for the 37cm) and when built with HUP components, achieve unrivalled fit. UCI minimum weight bike builds are possible and with a set of the handbuilt HUP carbon wheels, produces expolosive acceleration during breakaways!

Available for worldwide export now as a frameset CLICK HERE for more detials.

HUP Competition Cycling

Born in Belgium | Designed in Scotland | Ridden Worldwide 

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Images and video courtesy of @cjm_visuals

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