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It's no surprise kids smaller than 120cm want a HUP bike too! So we've created a minature version of our highly successful 700c HUP evo, using 24" wheels for younger riders from approximately 5yrs old to 8yrs old.

Just because it's smaller, doesn't mean there will be any short-cuts on the specification. There is still butted 7005 Aluminium tubing, a full carbon-fibre fork, thru-axles, FSA headset and FM disc brakes, short cranks, small saddles, flat or drop handlebars and a choice of groupsets.

Just like its big brother, you can customise the bike to suit its rider: Road or MTB gearing, CX, Road or MTB tyres (up to 2.4" wide!) and a choice or Aluminium wheels or our handbuilt CD24 carbon-fibre wheelsets on straight-pull, carbon-fibre hubs and Pillar spokes. Everything you need to race cyclo-cross, head-out into the wilderness for some Gravel Adventure or hit the local XC trails, just build it your way.

No surpise they are lightwight, like all HUP bikes, market-leading weight is a given. From approx 7.3kg for a fully upgraded race rig to approx 8.3kg for a standard build on CX tyres. It's designed to fit riders between 5 and 8-years old, from approx 49cm inide leg and around 110cm+ tall, with riders able to move easily onto the first 700c wheel HUP evo (37cm) from around 59cm inside leg and around 125cm+ tall.

Our fleet of prototypes are busy testing now, with productiuon bikes expected to be available around Summer 2023. We also have some new size 0 and 00 HUP cycling clothing arriving too, so our younger riders are kittted-out properly on their HUP evo24. To register your interest or join the pre-order list: CONTACT US

November 01, 2022 — Linette MacArthur