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After a busy show year has included the London & NEC Cycleshows, we're pleased to announce we'll be attending the prestigious Rouleur Classic in London on Saturday November 3rd to exhibit some of our unique kids bike components with Kids Racing!


We have recently introduced a selection of new products including our unique HUP Kids Cranks - a hybrid design mating the narrow Q-factor of Road cranks, with the smaller 4-bolt 104bcd of MTB chainrings to produce a very effective child's crankset. Our new HUP Warm-Up Tights have quickly become a common sight on Cyclocross events all over the UK.


Clothing development has also continued with the release of the HUP Skinsuit - although the first batch sold out instantly, we are now producing a second batch. Our product testing of the upcoming HUP Winter Skinsuit has also begun. More news on that soon...

October 22, 2018 — Linette MacArthur
Tags: media Rouleur