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HUP Components launched

Our unique range of HUP children's bike components is now launched!

Finally, you can now get the right components for your child's new bike build, to achieve the best fit for comfort and power. You can now also improve their current bike with the correct, proportional parts to get their key contact points with their bike, in the right position.

Proper compact, drop handlebars are simply unavailable anywhere until now, for children aged approx 4 up to 14 years old. Not only lightweight at 270g, but a superb fit too with a 65mm reach and 100mm drop. Now, they will be happy to use the drops more often, as they won't be bent over with a flat back and over-stretched hamstrings!

Short, lightweight stems are another item which is notoriously difficult to source. HUP stems come in 40mm, 50mm and 60mm lengths and start at just 95g! Stems are a critical item to achieve the right overall 'cockpit' length, to avoid over-stretching, especially on cheaper bikes (long top-tubes).

Try sourcing a lightweight children's saddle! The few brands that make one, certainly know how to charge. Our 220g Titanium railed kids racing saddle is great, offering both comfort and performance, without breaking the bank.

To suppliment the saddle, is a very lightweight AL6061 seat post at just 250g for a 350mm long post and the practicality of Aluminium. It's an inline design (zero offset) to help with shortening the overall cockpit length.

We also have a set of 3 chainrings offering superb chain-retention from the Narrow-Wide design and super-lightweight in a choice of 34T, 36T and 38T.

Finally, a short MTB and Cyclocross straight riser handlebar that's perfect for young riders from approx 6yrs old+ in lightweight AL6061 and can be shortened for smaller riders.

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