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Peter Hopley

Lives in Workington, Cumbria, England

Born in 2005

My club is Lakeland Sprinters

Sports I participate in are Cycling and Hockey

About me Why I Like Cycling In Ten Points...

  1. The athletes are friendly. 
  2. The teams are very accessible. 
  3. Inspiring athlete’s stories.
  4. The cycling community is very friendly and inclusive. 
  5. I’ve made loads of new friends for life through cycling.
  6. A bike can take you places that a car or bus can’t.
  7. Exiting racing.
  8. Being able to go fast and do less damage to the planet.
  9. The satisfaction when you accomplish something.
  10. Cycling can give you a better understanding of the human body and physics

This years goals Regular racing at Carlisle Circuit, sportive and social rides