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Larissa Campbell

Lives in East Claydon, Buckinghamshire, England

Born in 2005

My clubs are Beachborough Triathlon Club, Team MK

Sports I participate in are Hockey Netball, Cricket, Cycling, swimming, XC Running, Triathlon

About me Sport means the world to me, especially triathlon. Triathlon makes me feel alive and free. It gives me a sense of joy and happiness. I love the competitiveness in the South Central Series. This year is my first year in TS3 competing over the longer distances and my aim is to finish in the top 5 a year young.

My favourite race would have to be Eaton Dorney for many reasons. Firstly, I love swimming in open water, having to fight for my position on the start line and it always being chilly. Then when it comes to the bike you are riding on such a cool loop around the lake, trying to stick with the main pack. Then it comes to the run and you are so tired, but there is so much encouragement from everyone and it makes you feel less tired. As you come up to the red arch at the finish line a sudden burst of energy bursts into you. When it is all over you get a medal and sometimes a trophy to remind you of the day. These are all the reasons why I love triathlon so much.

This years goals To finish in the top 5 in Tristar 3 , South Central Series