Born in Belgium | Designed in the UK | Ridden Worldwide

HUP Competition Cycling was founded in 2017 by Linette MacArthur, owner of Kids Racing Ltd, the UK’s only children’s Cycling & Triathlon specialist. Linette's knowledge of kids clothing is second-to-none, after years of working directly with parents and kids competing across the world.

Experiencing at first-hand, problems with mainstream brand's products and an understanding of what parents want, Linette created the HUP brand to get it right. A seasoned Multisport competitor herself, junior requirements are often different to adults, a distinction usually lost on larger brands.

quality Italian fabrics, made in Italy

Who and where HUP products are made is very important to us. Quality for kids is our goal. Our cycling kit factory for instance, is located near Verona in Italy in the heart of a region with a long tradition in the cycling textile industry. They use the same high-quality Italian made fabrics as the well-known brands of high-end adult cycling apparel. With over 30 years of experience in premium cycle clothing, they produce team kit for some of the largest Pro Peleton teams in the world, competing on the UCI World Tour including the Le Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España, plus top UCI MTB and Cyclocross teams.

the right production facilities

One factory can't make it all. Different factories specialise in different products. So it took 2 years to research and locate the best producers for our HUP range.
Alongside the UK, many of our bike components are manufactured in Taiwan, where the highest quality bike parts have been made for decades. R&D uncovered some real gems, which we've been happy to partner, including factories in the Czech Republic and China. All produce quality. A highly productive collaboration with a Belgium factory in the heart of Flanders proved just what is possible, with the right level of knowledge, commitment and determination.

born in Belgium, ridden worldwide

With 3 bike-mad boys, Linette would often find herself and her mini-peloton on a bike, in Belgium. The home of the toughest conditions in cycling, the Spring Classics and birthplace of Cyclocross. Maybe it's days out in Oudenaarde, cyclist cafe's, cobbled Bergs or the sheer hell of Koksjide's sand and mud. Flanders has it all and it's iconic Lion seems to capture children's imagination. So when it came to HUP, the kids just had to have the Flanders Lion at the heart of it!
As a big fan of Triathlon for kids and it's variety of activities (which avoids over-specialising in a single sport too young) her aim was always to embrace multisport clothing within the HUP range. HUP clothes have been exported all over the world including; USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, South Africa and beyond.

join #HUPcc and let your Lion cubs roar

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“HUP!” (the Dutch word for “Go!”) is widely used during Spring Classics and Belgian Cyclocross by Flemish fans, especially by parents at Junior races. HUP™ was founded by a mum of 3 racing kids to create stylish, high quality Cycling & Triathlon clothes for competing children. HUP Competition Cycling has continued to grow it's unique range of products, now including high-performance bikes, components and wheelsets - all developed specifically for youth and junior competitors. HUP! HUP! HUP!

"...they all love cycling in Belgium...the kids just had to have the Flanders Lion at the heart of it!"

Born in Belgium | Designed in the UK | Ridden Worldwide
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January 06, 2018 — Linette MacArthur
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